Parent Guide

Parents are a very important part of a Destination ImagiNation™ team's support network. Teams need many of different kinds of support in order to be successful.

How can parents become involved?

There are many jobs parents can do to support DI. One of the most important jobs is being a "Team Manager" or "Co-Manager". Without enough Team Managers, some children may not be able to participate in DI. Please consider becoming a Team Manager or Co-Manager.

In addition to team managers, parents can help in many other ways. Each team member's family will be expected to sign up for at least one volunteer position.

Who are the Appraisers who will evaluate my child's team?

The Appraisers are volunteers, usually friends, acquaintances, or parents of team members, who evaluate the solutions of Destination ImagiNation™ teams at tournaments. No experience is necessary to become an Appraiser. Training is provided at no charge. Parents who are not Team Managers may be Appraisers, but they may not evaluate the Challenge in which their child is performing.

For more information about being an appraiser click on Be an Appraiser.

What is Interference?

Intereference is when a parent or any other person contributes to the solution of a Team Challenge. Parents should remember to answer all questions with questions and never offer ideas or solutions to the Team Challenge. Destination ImagiNation™ is an opportunity for your child to use their minds on their own. Please don't interfere. Interference can lead to your child's team being disqualified at tournaments.

How can parents make this a positive experience for their child(ren)?

  • Make sure your child doesn't miss meetings. The team depends on participation from each member.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship to your child and team.
  • Praise your child and let him/her know how proud you are of their work and commitment to their team.