What are the Destination ImagiNation™ components?

  1. Team Challenge: Teams use performance, art, technology, and real world relevance as they tackle one of the six Team Challenges. The Team Challenge solution usually
    takes several (3-4 months) to develop and finalize.
  2. Instant Challenge: During competition, the team will be asked to solve an Instant Challenge that is either performance-based or tasked-based. A performance-based challenge involves the team performing a solution for Appraisers. A tasked-based challenge involves the team using materials to move, build, change, or protect objects.

To learn more, select the Challenge Level based on your student's grade

Rising Stars kindergarten through 2nd grade

Elementary Level 2nd through 5th grade

Middle Level 6th through 8th grade

Secondary Level 9th through 12th grade

Email: questions@salinedi.org

How do I get started? How do I form a DI Team?

If your child is interested in collaborating with up to 6 other children from his/her school on a team, you are all set to begin. Your child may enroll with students from any school building.  The grade or age of the oldest team member determines the competition level.  If your child does not have a Team to enroll with, they will be placed with other children in the same age bracket who are also in need of a Team.  To enroll, you must complete the DI Registration Form and complete payment as noted on the registration form.

A DI information meeting is held every Fall to explain the Saline DI program and experienced people will be there to answer your questions.  Registration can be completed up to two weeks after this meeting.

How do I find out more about Destination ImagiNation™?

How much does it cost to participate in Saline DI?

See our Registration Overviewfor details on costs, refunds, and what is included.